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We help our clients reach a new world of exciting business opportunities frugally and expeditiously. We give you exactly what you need to reach your goals.


We collect data from both private and public sources. Based on your order, we select the best possible sources to gather your information. All of our data are verified.



We often receive inquiries from new customers about what we offer, how we gather information, how accurate is our information, who are our sources, how often we revise our data, how to buy our lists. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: What Do You Offer?
A: We provide business data and research reports based on requests from our clients. We have more than 50 databases that we have developed after our customers made inquiries about them.

Q: What Are Your Sources of Information?
A: Our sources vary, depending upon the nature of information we need to collect to prepare a database. Generally speaking, we gather data from both public and private sources, including published documents. We also interview experts to supplement our own research.

Q: How Often You Revise Your Data?
A: We work on our lists on an on-going basis. We verify our databases every time before they are shipped to customers.

Q: How Much Do You Charge For a List?
A: Prices vary, reflecting the value that customers can derive from a list and the work that goes into gathering the information and preparing the document.

Q: Do You Guarantee Accuracy of Your List?
A: Yes. We can back up the content in our lists with documents. Even after that, if any item is found to be inaccurate, we will replace it free of cost. If we cannot replace, we will refund your money for the bad items.

Q: Do You Require Advance Payment?
A: Yes. All first-time customers must pay in advance. We make special arrangements for repeat customers.

Q: How Do I Pay for Your Lists?
A. We prefer electronic payments. We accept major credit cards or wire transfers and company checks.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Receive a List?
A: Once you make the payment, it takes one to three weeks, depending upon the list. Lists with many entries take longer to verify, so they take longer to deliver.

Q: Can You Customize Existing Lists Adding New Data?
A: Yes, we will gladly customize our lists to meet your needs for an additional cost.

Q: Do You Offer Discounts for Long-Term Contracts?

A: Yes, we offer discounts for larger volumes and regular customers.

Q: How Do I Place an Order?
A. Once you are satisfied with the content you see in your samples and decide to place an order, we send you an invoice and a sale contract. As soon as your invoice is paid and the sale contract is signed, we start processing your order and your list is delivered within the timeframe stipulated in the sale contract.



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